Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007


The Big Four: Outa Tune / All Keyed Up The Ree-Gents: Downshiftin’ The Twisters: Bandstand Rocket Ronnie Cells Continentals: Chicken The Reekers: Don’t Call Me Flyface Harold & Bob with the Spitfires: Spitfire Howie & the Crystals: Rockin’ Hall The Sting Rays: Fast Track The Teen Rockers: Teen Rock / Road Block Jerry & the Silvertones: Ce’ny The Royal Jokers: Vibrations / Beatnik Rex Qual: Tranquilizer Boogie Billy Adkinson: Rock-A-Mo (Part 1) The Rel Yea’s: Round Rock Boogie Scott Wood: Chicken Rock Herb Kliebe’s Nervous Kats: Devil’s Run The Electro-Tones: Ghost Train The Volk Brothers: Ducks Flying Backwards Nick Riehle: Dancin’ Little Thing The Rhythm Rockers: Torpedo The Rockaways: Rampage The Rocktones: High Time The Journeymen: Workout The Offbeats: Talking Crickets The Night Trains: Scramble The Sensations: Wild Cat The Continental Cousins: The Robot

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