Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007


The Four Unknowns: Fearless Fat Daddy Holmes: Where Yo Is Little Ellis & his L 7’s: Barb Wire The Typhoons: Typhoon Twist Ritchie & the Rebels: Rebel Rock Tex Pederson & his Sunset Ramblers: Rockelene The Masonics: Call It A Day The Royaltones: Seesaw Gene Parson’s Band [feat. Buck Buffalo & Smilin’ Roger Perry]: Toy Guitar The Bop Kats: Here Comes The Fuzz The Royals: 2+2 Terry Blue & the Deltones: untitled [unissued] Alton Joseph & the Jokers: The Other Place The Noblemen: Dragon Walk / Thunder Wagon The Carnations: Scorpion / Fireball Mail The Aztecs: The Aztec Rock Andy Doll: Stockade Rock The Spacemen: Blast Off The Shadows: Ketchy Tiny Lyman & his Jukes: Lefty Overs Jimmie McConville: Scorpion The Cruisers: Cruisin’ The Ramblin’ Rebels: Impact The Dynatones: Moon Shot / Hawaiian War Chant Red Garrison & his Zodiacs: Moonshine The Naturals: Jive Note The Mysterions: Amnesia

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