Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007

2003 - ICE COLD

The Dazzlers: Gee Whiz / Somethin' Baby Johnny Garmon & the Shadows: You’re Wrong Marlon ‘Madman’ Mitchell & the Rocketeers: Ice Cold Baby / Bermuda Shorts Don Murphy & the Hi-Liters: Mean Mama Blues The Chaparrals: Sweet Lies / Poor Gal Sonny Steele: Mine, Mine, Mine / Sweet Ways About You The Travelers: Teenage Machine Age Roray Reid with his Honky Tonk Band: Mad Lovin’ Melvin Morris: Heartaches Of A Love Untrue Tom Wayne: Ruth Ann Jackie Clark: Walkie Talkie / Pajama Party Eddie McGlin: She’s My Queen The Dotson Brothers with Rockette Band: My Baby Andy Anderson & the Dawnbreakers: Tough Tough Tough The Flames: Making Time / Letti Lu The Royal Drifters: Da Kind Jody Daniel: Miss Secretary Rocky Jones: Mule Skinner Blues Chuck Dockery: Let’s Dance / Rock While We Ride Bobby Page: Hippy-Ti-Yo Rex & Herb: Come Back Big Bertha Bobby Everhart: Little Girl Ronnie Brent: Shirley Ann

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