Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007


Tommy King & the Starlites: Bop Diddlie In The Jungle The Motivations: The Birds The Drivers: Dry Bones Twist Big Boy Kornegay: At The House Of Frankenstein Kip Tyler: She’s My Witch / Jungle Hop Billy Sills: Nightmare The Revels: Foo Man Choo / Midnight Stroll Mickey Lee Lane: The Zoo Lee Ross: The Mummy’s Bracelet Lou Chaney: Monster Holiday Evans Carroll & the Tempos: The Monster Lord Luther: Teenage Creature Ben Colder: Shudders And Screams The Duponts: Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula Hall) The Savoys: The Mortal Monster Man Tony’s Monstrosities: Igor’s Party Jack Hammer: Black Widow Spider Woman Dave Gardner: Mad Witch John Sowell: Nightmares Bobby Bare: Vampira Smiley Smith: Voo Doo Woman Tarantula Goul: Graveyard Rock The Frantics: Werewolf Billy Taylor & the Tear Drops: Wombie Zombie Macey Ross: Big Chief Buffalo Nickle Pasquale & the Lunar Tiks: Moon Madness Gary Warren: Werewolf Sonny Day: Creature From Outer Space Phil Carter: Amazon

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