Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007


Lloyd Arnold: Hang Out [Version 1] Donn Williams & the Exotics: We Two Rock George Weston: I Need You Baby / Hold Still Baby Bobby Wayne & the Warriors: Sally Ann Rudy Owen & the Ravens: Pretty Linda Buddy & the Fades: Won’t You Love Me Alabama Kid: Rocking Jalopy Chuck Tyler: She’s All Mine Gene Lamarr & his Blue Flames: That Crazy Little House On The Hill Dave Bryan: Let’s Make It Real Lonesome Lee: Cry Over Me Wayne Hammond & the Starliters: Can’t See Why Norman Witcher: Wake Me Up Saccharin Sally Mama The Tu-Tones:Earl Reed & his Rhythm Rockers [feat. Johnny Scoggins]:Lloyd McCollough: Gonna Love My Baby / ‘Cause I Love You Tommy Spurlin with the Southern Playboys: Hang Loose [with additional drums] The Jiv-A-Tones [Vocal By Dean Stevens]: Flirty Gertie Don Terry: Knees Shakin’ Lee Mitchell & the Combo: Rootie Tootie Baby / Who’s That Big Man Al Davis & the Blackouts: Go Baby Go Tyrone Schmidling: You’re Gone, I’m Left The Carpenter Brothers: Love Just A Little / Heartache Ahead Curtis Johnson & the Windjammers: Baby, Baby Leigh Howell & the Uniques: Moving Too Slow George Quarta Jr.: Get Loose

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