Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007


Walt Benton & the Snappers: Big Wheel Jim Flaherty’s Caravan [Vocal By Howie Stange]: This Old Bomb Of Mine Lou Berry & the Bel Raves: Hot Rod Chuck Brooks & the Sharpies: Spinning My Wheels Pat Davis: Spinner Hub Caps Eddie Ringo: Full Racing Cam Richie Deran & the New Tones: Girl And A Hot Rod Jimmy Carrol: Big Green Car Jan & Arnie: Gas Money Rocky Davis & the Sky Rockets: Hot Rod Baby ‘Lonesome Long John’ Roller: Long John’s Flagpole Rock Howard W. Brady: Hot Rod Boogie Woody Ball: Robin Hood And His ‘56 Ford Conny & the Bellhops: Shot Rod [1] James Gallagher: Ford And Shaker Ray Burden with Wayne Johnson on Guitar: A Hot-Rodders Dream Hot Rod Race Bob Williams:Pete Ciolino: Daddy Joe J. W. Warden & the Jokers: Sidewalk Rock And Roll Turner Moore with Charley Moore and the Crystals: I’ll Be Leavin’ You Mike Fern & the Del Royals: Brake Jake Cruisin’ Bucky & the Premieres:Bobby Verne: Red Hot Car Bill Lemons: Lorene Speedway Rock Jerry Woodard:Burt Keyes: Stop Jivin’, Start Drivin’ William Penix: Dig That Crazy Driver The Exports: Car Hop Bobby Fry: Highway Robbery Rick West & the Red-Hots: Cop Car

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