Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007


Little Billy Stoltz & the Stoltz Brothers: Rock’n Roll Riot Alan Barnicoat & the Bob Freedman Orchestra: Savage The Cruisers: Betty Ann Saladin: Tough’n Rough Carl Cherry: The Itch Tommy Brown: That Cat Johnny Edwards & the White Caps: Rock’n Roll Saddles The Rhythm Tones: Baby Sue Roy Kelly: Rock & Roll Rock The Wynnewoods: Is That Wrong The String Kings: Bloodshot Rodney Scott: Granny Went Rockin’ Sonny Flaharty: My Baby’s Casual Carl Newman & his Night Hawks: Rockin’ And Boppin’ Dennis Puckett & the Rockets: Rockin’ Teens / By By Blues “Wild” Bill Taylor & the Clefs: Little Jewell Eddie Skelton: Keep It Swinging Johnny Knight: Rock And Roll Guitar Royce Porter: A Woman Can Make You Blue Steve Wright & the Lin-Airs: Wild, Wild Woman Frankie Dash: Rock Rhythm Roll Ethan Giant: Where’s My Baby Billy Clark: I Know Why Ric Cartey: Scratching On My Screen The Big Rocker: Rock ‘n’ Roll Romance Jim Foley & the Big Beats: Blues In The Morning Billy Blank: Hard Luck Billy Bonny: Bootleg Rock Sonny Cole & the Rhythm Roamers: Robinson Crusoe Bop

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jothman hat gesagt…

tanx for sharing - quite a nice collection. 1993 Rock n Roll is missing the picture. Too bad.